„Can You help me to get my relatives or myself to germany?“

In most cases we can not help You or Your relatives coming to Germany. We are very sorry.
This has some reasons:

Today, there are only two ways to come to Germany legally.

First way:
If You are a father, mother or young (not adult) child already living in Germany, You can apply for asylum. If You get asylum or subsidiary protection, You can try to get your husband, wife or young children in (or Your parents if You are a child yourself). This takes very long and we are not working in this issue and can not help or advice You – but it may work for You nevertheless.

Second way:
If You are living in a part of Germany with a so-called „Landesaufnahmeprogramm“ (at this time that’s Berlin, Thüringen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein) AND if You are registered in this place at least 12 month, it may be possible to get close relatives to Germany with a visum. Close relatives means: Parents, grandparents, brothers (with wife and not-adult children), sisters (with husband and not-adult sisters). All other relatives like uncles, cousins etc. will not get a visum.
All relatives have to be in Syria or one of the neighbour states (and Egypt).

ALL others wound’t get a visum from the german authorities. Also, if You are living in places like Bayern, Sachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Baden-Württemberg, Niedersachsen etc. where is no Landesaufnahmeprogramme , You can not get a visum for close relatives.

If You are living in Berlin, Thüringen, Hamburg, or Schleswig-Holstein for a year or longer, You need someone who signs a contract with the autorities for each single person („Verpflichtungserklärung“). In this, he or she declares to pay all costs of living and rent for five years. This has to be someone from Germany, and he or she has to earn at least 2.760 € netto a month.

In some rare cases, we can help finding a person signing a „Verpflichtungserklärung“ and we can pay the costs of living and rent. But we are a small private initiative only and need lots of donations to do so. For this reason, we can not help more than a few people. We decided that we concentrate on helping single persons and small families. We decided to help a few very much – instead of helping everyone just a bit.

So if You live in Berlin for more than 12 month and you thinking that we might help in your case please contact us. Thank You for Your understanding and good luck.